Our Voice


Human through
and through


We are a technology company in the service of people. Our language should be straightforward, relatable, and free of jargon.

Strive for lightness over comprehensiveness. Replace technical language with clear and specific explanations whenever possible. Avoid buzzwords always. 

How to do it: 
Imagine speaking your words out loud to a friend, family member or reporter. Illuminate with examples and stories.


not overwhelming


We have impressive stats and unique attributes that we should be proud to share. Our materials should offer ways for people to dig in and learn about the amazing people and technology behind our results– but only if they want to.

Don’t lead with the technical stuff, impress people with it when they’re ready to discover it. 

How to do it:
Recognize that your audience may have doubts, fears, or skepticism. Explain the benefits, the whys and the hows (if you don’t know, ask). Don’t oversell or be dismissive.


not cavalier


We are industry leaders with a big mission: democratizing big data to create better experiences for all, not some. Our language should reflect our deep knowledge and expertise, as well as our respect for privacy and individual anonymity.

Be mature, not esoteric. Be playful and savvy, but never patronizing or flippant. Let's give big data a great name.

How to do it:
Consider your reader’s context. Based on what page or document they’re on, what might they know already? What might their goals be? What amount of detail do they need right now?