The people powered
Big data company

how we see the world


Better Insights Come from Bigger Data Sets

Where others see noise, we see a signal. That’s because we have the scale and sophistication to take what may look like an anomaly, and find the larger pattern. 

We invite collaboration with our customers, because we know that the more data we can put to work, the more capable we are of solving bigger and harder challenges.


Start with the Fundamental challenges

We solve the most important problems first, and leave the quick wins and passing trends for someone else.

Through constant innovation and experimentation, we find the smartest ways to deliver world class services, making it easy for our customers to succeed.


Create Joyful Connected Experiences

We believe in creating a world where every connected experience is not only useful and relevant, but also thoughtful and nuanced at an individual scale – never noisy.



The responsible use of data is our responsibility.

While our data and insights have the power to create better experiences for all, we also advocate for people having a choice about the data they share.