Launch Date: June 10, 2015
Artist: JaegerSloan
License term:

The universe. Massive power and unconscionable scale. Constantly changing. Constantly moving. Too large and complex to fully comprehend, but that never stops us from continually trying to learn more about it. The same could be said about big data.

Our universe, however, is one with a human touch. Imperfect forms that are friendly and less intimidating than the reality of space. We are the explorers, harnessing this overwhelming flood of real-time information for our customers, to help improve our world.

This is the default Quantcast pattern

  • simple enough to be seen and understood at any scale
  • lower file size, good for more applications (eg. email signature)
  • enough contrast to work in color or black and white
  • space concept connects with existing properties (eg. Supernova, and code names for experimental projects)