Measure, Model, Act, Repeat

our story

Quantcast was founded on a simple idea: with more data, you can solve harder challenges. Before starting Quantcast, our CEO Konrad Feldman was on a mission to help identify terrorist and money laundering activities by analyzing vast amounts of financial data.

Realizing that powerful insights could be unlocked through even larger data sets, he turned his focus to the relatively new world of digital advertising, where online behaviors and transactions provide some of the largest data sets in existence.

Quantcast was founded in 2006 with the release of Quantcast Measure, a free tool to help the world better measure and understand digital audiences. Soon after, we began building our own global data centers to help us more efficiently and effectively process trillions of transactions each month. 

In 2009 we launched Quantcast Advertise, putting some of the most advanced engineering and computing power behind our data to create an adaptive modeling platform for programmatic buying. With solid frameworks in place to derive valuable insights from data, we began delivering increasingly impressive results for brands.

Today, we continue to dedicate ourselves to finding new ways for our people and technology to power more joyful connected experiences.