Quick and simple iPad visitor logs are standard in most high tech cities, and should be standard in all of our offices.

If space allows we prefer to have at least 2, one at desk height for accessibility, and one at standing height (for a more flattering angle on people who are standing).


One of the most unique aspects of Quantcast's technology is our ability to see the behaviors and interests of people in real time. To show this, we always want to look for ways we can express the dynamic nature of our product through a visitors experience at our offices.

While our wordmark should be treated sparsely and minimally as raised Space Black or Chalk White text, our logo mark can be represented more vibrantly.

Our San Francisco office features a logo wall where a monitor appears behind a logo-shaped cutout, displaying looping pattern animations and referencing the live nature of Quantcast's technology.


Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 2.46.08 PM.png


The receptionist has a lot of things to think about and address all at once. Welcoming and directing visitors, accepting and sending packages, keeping the office secure and more. The more convenient we can make his or her set-up, the better it is for all visitors to the space.

In addition to the standard computer, sign-in and printer setup, try to accommodate a small refrigerator to make providing refreshments faster and more secure.

Also try to ensure that the receptionist is in line of site of the doorway to make for easier identification and entry.


All Quantcast offices should have at least two monitors in the reception area, allowing for two different kinds of content.

Currently, one monitor shows logo animations and the other montior shows various partner and marketing initiatives. This media program will evolve over time and will be managed from a central location. Refer to the media section below for more details on how to access this content.