First impressions matter. Whether it's an employee's first day on the job, a messenger dropping off a package or a new client coming in for a training session, how the reception area is set can make a big difference in perception, performance and positive outcomes.

As much as space allows, we want to create an inviting and comfortable space for Quantcast employees and visitors. With details like mini-fridges that make it easy for a receptionist to offer a quick refreshment and communal tables that leave space for a casual conversation or flexible workspace for visitors, there are ways to accomplish this without a big expense.


try to be

  • Modern but not intimidating
  • Friendly/approachable/human
  • Comfortable and inviting
  • Clean and tailored but not cold or sterile
  • Dynamic / Lively (we know what is happening and trending right now)
  • Bold but sophisticated
  • Convenient and Functional
  • Not childish
  • Photogenic