The Q Mark


space black Q

The Q mark is a bold and solid monograph that also resembles a measuring tape (drawing from our beginnings in measurement). Because it is so bold, it should be used sparingly and should not repeat multiple times in a solid color in any one setting.


chalk white Q

A white-toned version of the Q Mark that works on dark backgrounds


Q mark padding

When the Q mark appears alone, it requires padding and room to breathe.

The padding is equal to the length of the tail on the Q.


The small Q mark


space black q mark - small

When the Q mark needs to appear at a size smaller than .75” or 75 px, use the “Small Icon” version of the mark.

This version of the mark has specific proportions that optimize the size of the “tail” to look correct at smaller sizes. Examples of this use are in social media icons, and on the current header of the Quantcast website (logged in view).


chalk white q mark - small

A white-toned version of the Small Q Mark that works on dark backgrounds.


The Q Favicon



There is also a specifically proportioned version of the Q mark designed for use as a favicon (the tiny image that appears in your web browser tab next to the name of the website). It is important the the favicon version of the mark is used in this application to preserve the proper “tail” proportions of the mark. There are a variety of favicon sizes to accommodate different browsers and screen resolutions.