Quantcast Patterns


Because of the scale of our anonymized data, we see patterns in behavior that no one else can see. These patterns tell us what people desire and what people care about in real time. They offer a true reflection of the current culture, as well as an incredible indicator of what’s next.

Where others see noise,
we see patterns.

The use of pattern within our visual identity reflects our unique ability to find meaning in the noise created by the billions of people and businesses on the web every day, representing the art that is a critical part of our science.

There are important nuances, however, to the elements that make up a Quantcast pattern, which are outlined below.



 color Palette


All Quantcast pattern use the Quantcast color palette. he range of colors used within the patterns is designed to be limited to help reduce file size when in animated gif format.

Each pattern is designed to appear on the specific FLOOD color set for that pattern. The only exception to this is the Universe (UNIV) pattern, which appears on white in certain business applications (email signature, letterhead).

The WORDMARK should always be CHALK color when used with patterns. All FLOOD colors were designed to provide enough contrast to carry CHALK type.