Why did we make this?


As Quantcast continues to grow as a company and as a culture, we are seeing more and more how our working environments impact the overall experience and perception of our employees and our clients.

With each office we inhabit we are working to improve both the function and feel of each space, considering what we as a company value and how we can express that through the spaces we create. 

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.
— Winston Churchill

These Space Guidelines are meant to serve as a foundation for more efficient and successful planning and design of future Quantcast spaces. They will evolve and be added to as the company creates more offices and discovers more “best practices” that work within the Quantcast culture.

This initial set of guidelines can't address all scenarios, so we ask that you use your best judgement in trying to apply function and style recommendations and defer to the Brand Team for all Brand and Creative decisions. Differences in the scale of offices, as well as length of lease (eg. doing a new build out vs. adapting an existing space for short-term use) are particularly challenging, but we ask that you do the best you can to reflect the goals and direction of these guidelines in any space-planning scenario.