people powered
Big data company

The Quantcast Brand


We are a company that creates and uses extremely advanced science and technology to drive valuable insights and propel our customers’ businesses forward. That science and technology is created and driven by people, those insights are derived from the behaviors of people, and a highly valued aspect of our customer experience is the relationships our customers have with our people.

To emphasize this, and to continue this feeling and intimacy as our company scales, our branding is designed to feel approachable and human, while also remaining sophisticated enough to reflect the seriousness and power of our products.


The introduction of more vibrant color, clean and uncluttered space, more human and direct language (not technical, industry jargon or marketing speak), unique illustrations, and custom patterns all contribute to giving us the energy, vibrancy and broad relevance of a B2C brand. This helps us stand apart from our competitors as a company that is the most tapped into culture and commerce, and presents us and the company that the most creative and successful marketers should want to work with.