Big Data


Big data will be a transformative force across every aspect of society, and we believe this power should be accessible to anyone looking to improve the world around us. 

Today this means enabling better connections between organizations and consumers by giving every online publisher (no matter how big or small) free access to our data and insights.

Tomorrow, it means extending that access to wherever the internet goes – our wrists, our cars, our homes – and using our real-time understanding of commerce and culture to improve experiences across the planet.

  1. We will advance the positive impacts of big data on society.
  2. We want to be the partner of choice for organizations and individuals alike in unlocking the value of data.
  3. We will enable insights that empower any and everyone to make more informed, more accurate and more timely decisions.
  4. We will be leaders in the global dialogue that defines the respectful and responsible use of Big Data.