The Quantcast logo and identity are inspired by a combination of three main elements.


The power of Q

Advancements come from curiosity. From asking questions. Our logo mark draws from the first letter of our name, from our holistic approach which has the power to integrate multiple data sets, and from our drive to constantly question and experiment.

born from Measurement

Our industry leading Measurement product is not only a part of our heritage, it's a core component of what powers our real-time view of anonymous behavior in the connected universe.

pattern powered

Because of the scale of our data, we see patterns in behavior that no one else can see. These patterns tell us what people desire and what people care about in real time. They offer a true reflection of the current culture, as well as an incredible indication of what’s next.


The Q Mark


space black Q

The Q mark is a bold and solid monograph that also resembles a measuring tape (drawing from our beginnings in measurement). Because it is so bold, it should be used sparingly and should not repeat multiple times in a solid color in any one setting.


chalk white Q

A white-toned version of the Q Mark that works on dark backgrounds


Q mark padding

When the Q mark appears alone, it requires padding and room to breathe.

The padding is equal to the length of the tail on the Q.


The small Q mark


space black q mark - small

When the Q mark needs to appear at a size smaller than .75” or 75 px, use the “Small Icon” version of the mark.

This version of the mark has specific proportions that optimize the size of the “tail” to look correct at smaller sizes. Examples of this use are in social media icons, and on the current header of the Quantcast website (logged in view).


chalk white q mark - small

A white-toned version of the Small Q Mark that works on dark backgrounds.


The Q Favicon



There is also a specifically proportioned version of the Q mark designed for use as a favicon (the tiny image that appears in your web browser tab next to the name of the website). It is important the the favicon version of the mark is used in this application to preserve the proper “tail” proportions of the mark. There are a variety of favicon sizes to accommodate different browsers and screen resolutions.


the Wordmark


Space black word mark

Our wordmark is a customized version of the Circular font, which is used for our wordmark alone. This font is modern and clean, but also friendly and warm. The lowercase q is designed to mimic the shape of the Q mark without competing with it.

Our wordmark is the most used element of our brand design, and should be used to identify the company in most professional applications where vertical space is limited.


chark white Wordmark

For use on dark colored backgrounds.


wordmark padding

When the wordmark appears alone, it requires padding and room to breathe.

The padding is equal to the height of the "t".


The Logo Lockup


space black logo lockup

In applications where the space for a logo is more square than horizontal, the logo lockup can be used to present both the Q mark and the Wordmark together. This is a desired usage (when room allows) as it will help continue to reinforce the Q mark with the Quantcast name.


chalk white Logo LOCKUP

For use on dark colored backgrounds.



When the logo lockup appears alone, it requires padding and room to breathe.

The padding is equal to the length of the tail on the Q.


product logos

measure, advertise and audience grid


These are the lockups and wordmarks for Quantcast Measure, Quantcast Advertise and Quantcast Audience Grid.

These assets come in left and center justified versions, to flex to their environment. In general, use centered for digital, and left justified for print.

The same format and proportions should be used for future Quantcast products. 



Quantified logo



The Quantified logo extends the measuring tape metaphor of our Quantcast logo mark to help identify sites that are directly measured by Quantcast.


Logo Don'ts


Consistent use of our logo will build trust with our customers and community. Inconsistent use does the opposite, which lowers our overall effectiveness. So when you are creating materials for Quantcast, look out for the following don'ts...



Don't show the logo
Upside-down or sideways

Because our logo form is based on the letter Q it must always remain parallel with the horizon. Any angle on the logo makes it look quirky, goofy and untrustworthy.



Don't repeat the Q mark

The single Q mark should only be used on its own, and shouldn't be repeated or made into a pattern. To fill spaces and add visual interest, we encourage the use of fields of color from the approved color palette or appropriate approved patterns.   


Don't be blue

Blue is a color that often gives a feeling of trust, and has been a part of the quantcast brand for a long time. In an effort to demonstrate the change and growth of quantcast we are embracing a broader color palette. 

Blue is an over used color in our competitive set, and in order to avoid confusion we have moved away from the dominant use of this color. As a result we are no longer using blue as a color option for our logo mark, although it remains as a supporting color in our brand color palette.


Don't outline the logo

The logo should never be outlined. Our logo is a solid shape, and can only be used as a solid color (not blue) or filled with a Quantcast pattern. By limiting the use cases to these two versions, we make our logo more recognizable. 



Don't change proportions

The wordmark and q mark should always retain the specified proportions. Do not change the spacing or sizing of the wordmark or Q mark when they appear together.


Please don't mess this up.

A brand is a powerful tool. Inconsistency is our enemy. Don't let the desire to do something new override a consistent presentation of who Quantcast is. Do your best to review the work that has been created in the past, and balance evolution and innovation. Be consistent.




If the wordmark and icon appear in the same context, there are two rules for proportions.



1. equal Width

The wordmark and icon appear at the exact same width, even when appearing separately, as above in our letterhead.


2. half width

Or, the wordmark appears at exactly 50% the width of the Q mark, when the Q mark is designed to be the hero, as in our Notecards, above.

  An example of the logo applied to an interior space.

An example of the logo applied to an interior space.

  An example of the product lockups in use at DMEXCO 2015.

An example of the product lockups in use at DMEXCO 2015.