Logo Don'ts


Consistent use of our logo will build trust with our customers and community. Inconsistent use does the opposite, which lowers our overall effectiveness. So when you are creating materials for Quantcast, look out for the following don'ts...



Don't show the logo
Upside-down or sideways

Because our logo form is based on the letter Q it must always remain parallel with the horizon. Any angle on the logo makes it look quirky, goofy and untrustworthy.



Don't repeat the Q mark

The single Q mark should only be used on its own, and shouldn't be repeated or made into a pattern. To fill spaces and add visual interest, we encourage the use of fields of color from the approved color palette or appropriate approved patterns.   


Don't be blue

Blue is a color that often gives a feeling of trust, and has been a part of the quantcast brand for a long time. In an effort to demonstrate the change and growth of quantcast we are embracing a broader color palette. 

Blue is an over used color in our competitive set, and in order to avoid confusion we have moved away from the dominant use of this color. As a result we are no longer using blue as a color option for our logo mark, although it remains as a supporting color in our brand color palette.


Don't outline the logo

The logo should never be outlined. Our logo is a solid shape, and can only be used as a solid color (not blue) or filled with a Quantcast pattern. By limiting the use cases to these two versions, we make our logo more recognizable. 



Don't change proportions

The wordmark and q mark should always retain the specified proportions. Do not change the spacing or sizing of the wordmark or Q mark when they appear together.


Please don't mess this up.

A brand is a powerful tool. Inconsistency is our enemy. Don't let the desire to do something new override a consistent presentation of who Quantcast is. Do your best to review the work that has been created in the past, and balance evolution and innovation. Be consistent.